Wednesday, May 16, 2012

From the Office of Robbin Miller, LMHC

Educational Services Now Being Offered and Starting in June 2012.
“Acomplishing your Goals One at a Time.”

The following are educational services being offered for a fee. Please note that insurance companies do not pay for them as they are considered informational and not out of medical necessity.

Adoption Choices: How to Stay Sane and Balanced

Are you curious about the options involved in wanting to adopt a child? As a parent of an adopted child, I learned the ins and outs from various resources over the years. While it took my spouse and five years to adopt, we learned how agencies don’t tell you everything you need to know due to their hidden agendas.

1) Learn about the three options to adopt.
2) Learn about questions to ask adoption agencies
3) Preparing for the homestudy visit
Fee: $ 150.00 for an hour and half

The ABC’s of Advocacy:

Do you know how to advocate for yourself in the following areas:
Where You Live

1) Learn how to organize your thoughts and issues on paper
2) Learn about different tools that can be used to advocate for yourself.

Please note that the workshop is for informational purposes only.

Fee: $ 60.00 an hour.

Career Coaching:

Are you starting a new job after college graduation?
Are you anxious about your career path?
Do you feel overwhelmed in managing your career with your personal life?

1) Learn how to sort through your thought patterns and feelings. What are the hidden meanings behind them?
2) Learn how to plan short and long term options
3) Learn about developing a wellness plan to create the healthy balance in your life.

Fee: $ 35.00 an hour for graduates of higher education.

Financial Education:

Do you know how to budget?
The decision to choose a consolidation companies: non-profit vs for profit
1) Learn about different ways to budget your money that works for you.
2) Learn about the ins/outs of consolidation companies
Fee: $ 40.00 for an hour.

For more information, please email at or call me at 508-450-5593.

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